Kylie Minogue
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Now baby it’s killin’ me, I’m sayin’ it’s killin’ me.

The fact that you aint’t around, baby, I’m fallin’ down.

I need me a remedy, been lookin’ for remedies.

I need you to be around, baby, I’m hurtin’ now.

I know you’re a better man, when I was your girl.

This land is a better land, when you’re in my world.

Today will be better, babe, if it were like yesterday.

So happy and lovely, hey, hey, hey…

Potential Breakup Song

Hi hunty :)



Hi hunty :) How’re you? Me, I’m good. Thinkin’ about your twink ass. Yeah. It’s making my bussy a little wet too. Just a little bit though. Yeah….I was thinking about you um, licking my bussy. This little wet white bussy. Hmhaha. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Mmm…I’d like that too. But you’re gonna have to beg for it, because I’m not just gonna stick this bussy into any hunty’s face. Yeah..that’s a good hunty…begging for this little white bussy.

ltrly stop the gays

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Tropio (Credits)
Lana Del Rey
Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)
Iggy Azalea
All Fired Up
The Saturdays

keep me, keep me, keep me on your radar…