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Lana Del Rey talks about next record.
Lana Del Rey && Music To Watch Boys To
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Lana Del Rey talks about next record.

Brooklyn Baby (Full Song)
Lana Del Rey && Ultraviolence
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Lana Del Rey && Ultraviolence - Single
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Lana Del Rey | Ultraviolence

Ooh Baby
Lana Del Rey && Unreleased
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Did you say wanna dance with me? Say you wanna put your hands on me. Did you say that there’s a chance for me? Are you ready now? Did you say you wanna dance with me? Should be taking off your pants for me. Are you ready for me finally? Are you ready now?

Kylie Minogue && Kiss Me Once
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when you feel everything’s impossible / just know you’re gonna be fine

Ultraviolence (Full Performance)
Lana Del Rey && Ultraviolence
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I love you the first time, I love you the last time.
Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white lines? 
‘Cause I’m your jazz singer, and you’re my cult leader.
I love you forever. I really love you forever.

Shades of Cool
Lana Del Rey && Ultraviolence
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West Coast
Lana Del Rey && Ultraviolence
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Kylie Minogue
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